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Mini-Vacation Package!
See the Mini-Vacation Form Below the News Letter.
It's Free to you with a 1 year subscription to Crawfish Net - Jennings or a sign-up to WorldPace.Net.
A Year Paid in Advance to WorldPace earns you another Vacation Pack.

CRAWFISH NET - News Letter/ Billing Blurb
Lots of Important Stuff
Payment Request
It's time to Pay to Play Internet! If you don't have it in our hands on time
we have to insist on an extra charge. .... Sorry, No exceptions.
Please see "Important Note" below.
Hey! Now here's a really neat idea for lowering your internet costs. ... As you should be aware of Crawfish Net is known to ALL the rest of the world as www.WorldPace.Net . WorldPace owns over 5700 dial-up locations WorldWide and in the USA from coast to coast. Yeah, Yeah .. this includes , of course, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Crowley and 23 other LA cities. Well, here's the plan. We're looking for referrals ... new customers from ALL over. So .. if you refer your out of town or out of state/ country friends to WorldPace for us, we will pay you per customer PER MONTH for as long as that customer pays us. That means if you bring us 10 new WorldPace clients for Internet, your Internet is free. If you bring us 110 customers for WorldPace then we pay you per month. 1010 will earn you per month.
Give THAT some thought. We don't care nor do we want to know where they come from (B>) the offer's still going to be good. Log into WorldPace.Net and take a look. It's a GREAT service. One ID and PassWord will get you to any location of a given network. So you can take it on the road with you. promo@WorldPace.Net for questions.
!!. - DSL is Here!!! Call your Crawfish 824-8442 for de-tails (B>)
This should be of Great interest if you have a second line for
Internet. It's >>FAST>>> and Always OnLine>>>
!!. - Virtual Office of your own is available on the CFN HomePage!
!!.- The BandWidth [it's a speed/ease thing] at Crawfish has Trippled+++
Plus we finally got the Phone People to fix their stuff they said wasn't
Sound familiar??
You should see much improvement with the new network!!
!!. - 4.5 cents per min. Long Distance is also on the CFN HomePage

(B>) - InfoPace.Net InfoPace is the Info Place ...or will be soon!
Now any InterNet/ IntraNet buff can EZly deSign their own webpage like a
When completed InfoPace will be THE place for any infomation you will

It's time to "Request" your payment for Crawfish Net InterNet Services
again. (B>)
Get it to us EARLY!. We absolutely charge a late fee to ALL late

If you've gotten payment to us already, THANX!!! ....... a lot! (B>) ...and
you're excused from reading PART of this. *S* [you'll have to read it to
know which part]

Important Note!! - Please be advised - If you are experiencing eratic
Internet connections lately, please understand that this is not a problem
with Crawfish Net.
The Internet and the Local phone provider are all going through drastic
changes and improvements. This means that ... what was has to come down so
the new can go up. So ... short[hopefully] Internet down times will have to
happen from time to time. If you will - compare it to the I-10 highway work
that's been slowing us down in getting to where we want to go. Crawfish Net
is committed to reducing as much of this down time as possible. Crawfish Net
can boast a better than 99% UP time overall since we cranked up in 1998.
Just remember .. We have a vested interest in getting your Internet to you.
..If you can't get your Internet and Email then neither can we. We're not
happy about that any more than you are. (B>)

SPECIALS!!! You should know by now that if it's the latest in
communications your Crawfish is going to have it.

DSL (D-Slam as it's known by) is FAST Internet. Lots of features go with it.
See the CFN HomePage or call us at 824-8442.

We'd like to SAVE you some MONEY! Crawfish Net is known to the
rest of the world as www.WorldPace.Net . We do have over 4750 dial-ups
worldwide. We are delivering a push to populate the more local Crowley, Lake
Charles and Lafayette dial-ups. SO! ...... if you have LOS [circle
dialing/area plus] to reach these areas, you can setup to dial to these at a
rate of just .95 per month. As a BONUS! we offer all who take us up on
the offer of moving to our outbound networks a FREE! 3 day 2 nite stay at
one of 20 vacation locations and existing CFN! members will be setup for
Call 824-8442 if we can answer any questions.

Paying a year in advance to any of our networks saves you money and, for a
limited time, now you will be rewarded for yearly pay with a 3day 2 night
mini-vacation to your
choice of MANY US cities, Canada & Mexico. Call or stop by the office
[824-8442] to
get the details. OR .. Write me for the list.
Credit Card pay saves memory! Bank Debit Cards work just the same. Try it!

This Notice DOES contain IMPORTANT information to your online account!
Please read carefully to avoid interuptions in your service.
Print this notice out for reference and reminder.
824-8442 or 824-6275
Fax 824-1479

Crawfish Net, Inc.
412 Railroad Ave.
Jennings, LA 70546

A Reminder *S* .... Your Crawfish Net InterNet payment is DUE this week
Here's a few brief reminders. Lemeneaux if you have questions. ...CD....

1. Be sure to include your user name/ID with any payment. It's the part of
your email address, before the @. i.e. [ ]

2. Get it to us now and avoid the late/reconnect charge.
"3by3" means we suspend after 3 days grace and gets you back on.
Payments are figured in advance of the month upcoming. You may want to
pay ahead to avoid forgetting a payment and paying the .
Note - ANY! & ALL! payments to us over 3 days late IS DUE for a late charge.
AND We will have to INSIST on a late charge if it's not in our hands on

3. If you don't really need that Internet connection be sure to turn it off.
This is the way we keep down the busy signals and help us keep your internet
service affordable. Unlimited interactive access means that you need to be
operating your computer. Internet is a utility like water, gas and
electricity. Consider for a moment how you use those services ...... ....
[moment pause] and now you know how to use Internet usage. Thanx! from us
and your modem neighbors.

4. There are several programs to help you offset your Internet expense.
We give away a free month every month. ... Just register for the drawing.
If you haven't checked these sites lately you're in for a treat. Try 'em!! Crawfish Net, Inc. ; LA ISP Web Mall [/mth(all spent for advertising)]
www.WorldPace.Net Rovin' access to well over 4700 dialups worldwide!
WebHosting & Site DeSign! Quality at a Great Price!
www.WeShop4U.Net Computer and Communications Discounts
Crawfish Net Inc. [and NOW! dba: www.Worldpace.Net , come visit]
Truly "A DIFFERENT Kind of ISP!"
NOW!! Over 4750 Nationwide Internet Access Dialup Locations.
Take Crawfish on the road or to work with you. 26 dial-in locations in LA,
moocho more from NY/FLA to CA/OREGON!

Write me if'n you need to. CrawDaddy's always the one to talk to with
special requests. CrawDaddy@CFweb.Net [or "reply"
to this email]

THE Top Gun in Tech Support
No other service strives this hard to keep you in touch with your cyber-world.